Blue Line Coffee Crawl

The Blue Line Coffee Crawl is the first-ever established Chicago specialty coffee crawl with a workshop twist.

This is THE foodie adventure for the coffee lover! Each shop will present and discuss a flight of three coffees. Every third Saturday, we will be featuring Gaslight Coffee RoastersIpsento Coffee, and Caffe Streets! We will be taking the Blue Line from Logan Square to Wicker Park.

  • Ipsento: processing methods.
  • Caffe Streets: bloom time.
  • Gaslight Coffee Roasters: drinkers are downing espresso shots like pros.

gaslight coffee roasters

Gaslight Coffee Roasters opened its doors at the end of September 2012 and it has been blowing up business ever since (this is good). Situated in the heart of Logan Square, Gaslight shares a co-roasting space with Half-Wit Coffee. The cafe serves up to three coffees (one guest roaster) at its pourover bar, espresso from its beautiful Strada machine, and charcuterie plates like you've never tasted before in a coffee shop.

ipsento logo

Ipsento Coffee is the second in-house roaster on this crawl and it is one of the least pretentious shops in Chicago. Not only do they roast right in front of the register (no, it's not just for display), they also work directly with the farmers they source their coffee from. Ipsento is a cozy coffee house, packed in with baristas who are knowledgable about their craft. 

Caffe Streets is the last stop on our crawl and they're known to feature up to four guest roasters on a variety of brewing methods, including a pourover bar and the only cold-brew tower in a Chicago retail space. Even better- you can buy retail bags of roasters from across the country! Housed in a beautiful space, the owner and baristas are passionate about making you the best cup of coffee you've ever had.

“No two coffees are the same, nor should they be made the same way. Pouring coffee brings out more of the delicate notes in a brighter, fruitier coffee (think Ethiopian) that, unlike a chocolatey-caramel flavored cousin, would get lost in a French press. The result is a cleaner, well-rounded cup. This is what I learned while sipping my way through a “caffeinated adventure” with Caffentures Blue Line Coffee Crawl, organized by Jenn Chen. The tour explains the science behind the bean by giving enthusiasts access to seasoned baristas at three stellar cafes. Participants get to critique samples made by the baristas, who discuss subtle differences between washed and unwashed coffees, the length of your pours, and the different tools you can use to make a damn good cup of coffee.” –Clarisa Ramirez from Gapers Block

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This event is for adults only (18 years or older). Advanced registration required. *This crawl requires a CTA transit pass, which you can either purchase at multiple locations or at any “L” station.* You will need to provide your own transportation to the meetup location and from the ending location. The meetup and ending location are not the same.

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